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Affiliate program

we are offering one of the best affiliate programs available in the market. we are in the view to expand our business in lower span of time and get profiled. we asked influences marketers and website owners to come on our platform and register for our affiliate program and affiliate services. After that you will get your affiliate code which you can use to save in your website to redirect customers to our platform. If any customer buy product from our website which is referred by you you will earn a some amount of commission for that sale that state it is how it works the steps to register for affiliate program is very simple go to www.fastwebsitemaker.com and after that you will be given up on that is affiliate program and signup form in which you have to put your data and address and click on the accept our terms and condition and after that click on sign up. Now on signup email will be forwarded to your e-mail address where you will click the address and gets verify your email ID. after the email ID verification is completed. You will have to login with your password which you have created during your sign up process to affiliate program after login you will see your dashboard on this dashboard you will do your different type of ADS which you can use to display on your website your blog or anything anywhere else on any HTML page just you have to generate a new click on generate a new affiliate link after that you have to select which type of link do you want their maybe image image affiliate link for a simple link or a button just copy and click on the copy button and after that your code will be copied to your clipboard and that's it you have to just paste used in this code to your web page to show our affiliate ads and you are all done just wait for customers to click on this link and they will be redirected to our website if they purchase stuff from our website you will get your happy amount of commission.